Did you know one of the dirtiest and bacteria ridden places in a restaurant or coffee shop are the condiment shakers? Sugar and flavor powder shakers are covered in germs due to high use and a lack of regular cleaning. A "Good Morning America" investigation found 11,600 organisms living on restaurant shakers - YUCK!

Well no more! Perfetta ® Food & Beverage Accents products allow you to eliminate your contact with germ-covered dirty flavor shakers. Convenient, clean, and fresh, our individual Perfetta® Food & Beverage Accents powder packets are your new choice. Conveniently packaged in individually sealed packets, you can take your favorite flavor to-go without any mess or hassle. Stop touching and eating germ infested chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla  shakers. Try our Perfetta® Food & Beverage Accents packets to reduce contact with germs, while enjoying the perfect amount of flavor. With Quality, Convenience, Variety every time!